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B.1 Parking

Address Johan Huizingalaan 763 A, 1066 VH Amsterdam

 €183,01Per month
Incl. VAT

2 month termination period 

Accessible 24/7

Type of subscription and opening hours

All the important information about your parking subscription

Type abonnementen

24/7 subscription

- Open for seven days a week

- 24/7 possibility to go in and out

- You enter by licence plate recognition

- Two month termination period

Opening hours

The location is open for seven days a week the entire day. Also short term parking is available seven days a week. 

Extra information

Adding more licence plates is possible but only one can entre at the same time. Additional costs will be charged when two licence plates are parked at the same time

Uncovered parking location. 


Accessible 24/7

Wheelchair friendly

Clearance hight 2,40 meter

Other facilities


Camara surveillance 


Toilets available

License plate recognition


Electric charging

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