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Rent a Parking

the other way of parking

By ParkingYou

Parking subscriptions

In every big city various offers for you!

from €120,- p.m.


from €110,- p.m.

from €50,- p.m.

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from €151,25 p.m.

from €50,- p.m.


from €75,- p.m.


from €55,- p.m.

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from €227,- p.m.

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from €227,- p.m.

Do you prefer to book a parking spot for a day or a couple of hours?
Please have a look at for all our deals.


We are!

The certainty of a parking space in a city is becoming less and less due to the high parking pressure in the Netherlands. Since service is in our blue blood, we want to be able to serve our customers faster and better. For this reason, as ParkingYou, we have developed a new label, This is the online platform for all our parking subscriptions! You can rent a parking space easily, quickly and flexibly so that you are always assured of a place close to work or at home.

Over ons

We love parking!

The benefits of

Quick and simple



Throughout the Netherlands

Sending a request is super easy with

A guaranteed  parking space

All subscriptions can be terminated per month

Available in various big cities


About your parking subscription

For our parking subscriptions we use a minimum rental period of three months. After this period you can cancel the subscription per month.

You will receive an access tool from us for your parking space. For example a card, tag or hand transmitter. This allows you to park flexibly and conveniently as often as you want and whenever you want. You can cancel your subscription every month with one month notice. As long as the contract is in force, the amount will be debited from your bank account on a monthly basis.


In case of loss or defect of your access device, you can call 085 4011647. Let our support employee know and you will receive a new access tool by mail within a few days.

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